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Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Fitness for the Body, Mind and Soul


Welcome to Tulsa Prenatal Yoga! We have been serving expectant and postpartum women in the Tulsa community since 2014. Our mission is to help empower mothers with the strength,  nourishment, and support they need to navigate this special time in their lives. We offer weekly prenatal + postnatal yoga classes for all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy and postpartum. We also offer special events, workshops, and more to further enrich your passage through early motherhood. We encourage you to read around on our website, and connect with us on social media to get know us even better.

We believe Tulsa Prenatal Yoga's classes are the perfect exercise for pregnant and postpartum women because we address the WHOLE mother--body, mind, and soul. Please, don’t just take our word for it. Ask your doctor or midwife how crucial it is to have support for your journey and to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for birth and beyond.

Join us for class! Use the Learn More links on this page for details on class times, pricing, and booking information.

Our Main Objectives in Class

  • A More Comfortable Pregnancy

    Low back & pelvic pain, round ligament pain, achey legs, sore feet, general fatigue, stress and more are super common pregnancy discomforts, and unfortunately, most expectant women will experience at least one of these issues during their pregnancy. But, the good news is that there is relief! Prenatal yoga is well documented to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy. We practice strength building postures to increase stamina and endurance. We incorporate stretching and mobility work to improve our range of motion in key areas in the body. We relax and rejuvenate to decrease stress and anxiety. We focus extensively on the deep core, pelvic floor, breathing, balancing, and functional movement. Our clients report fewer aches and pains even after just one class, and report feeling lighter, stronger, and more content as they continue to come to practice.

  • Helping Birth Work

    While so much about childbirth is outside the sphere of control–and we regard no birth experience as superior to another–mental, emotional, and physical preparation can be critical in helping us achieve the outcome we all want–a healthy, happy mom and baby. Yoga can help by preparing your pelvic floor for delivery (more efficient pushing and less tearing!), building strength and mobility for a variety of birthing positions (movement is key in helping baby through the pelvis), improving stamina and endurance to make it through those rough moments (birth is like marathon!), breathing practice and mindfulness techniques to help you cope with intensity (fear begets tension which begets pain). Our classes are the perfect complement to your birth plan, and we’re confident that we will be a valuable asset in your journey.

  • A More Complete Recovery

    While you’ll never hear us talking about “getting your body back”–we think your body is IMPROVED by becoming a mother–we understand that women deal with very real issues after the incredible feat of growing and birthing a baby. Core dysfunction, incontinence, back and pelvic pain, general weakness and fatigue, anxiety and depression, and more are super common in new moms, so we’ve designed our classes to help reduce the likelihood and severity of those common complaints. Everything we do in class in “core-safe” so that we don’t exacerbate diastasis recti. We weave in pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation exercises throughout class. We teach stress coping and relief techniques that work in every facet of your life. Perhaps most importantly, we educate and empower our clients so they are prepared for the challenging road ahead.

  • Building Community and a Network of Support

    Becoming a parent is perhaps the single biggest life change most of us will ever experience. While incredibly enriching and rewarding, it can also be scary, isolating, and overwhelming. Our classes serve as a bastion of empowerment and support for our clients. For many, our classes are only time clients are surrounded by other women on the journey to and through motherhood. We cannot overstate how critical the support of other women can be! Additionally, we are plugged in to the wider birth community and know all the best doulas, specialist providers, and more. We’ve worked with hundreds of expectant women in our careers, and we have a wealth of tips, tricks, and support to offer. We are confident we can serve as an invaluable tool of connection and support in your journey!

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    What Do Moms-to-be Say About Our Classes?

    "I attribute yoga as the sole reason that I felt good during my entire pregnancy and had a recovery that left the nurses and doctors bewildered (in a good way). Thanks Lisa!"

    Katie S.

    "I wanted to thank you for helping me make his birth an amazing experience. I managed to labor at home through the majority of my contractions. We headed to the hospital and I delivered an hour and a half later. I know there is no way I could have done that without all of the breathing practice we did in pre natal yoga. I really believe it was key to helping me meet my goals for a natural, unmedicated birth. Thank you!!!!"

    S. Edwards

    "I successfully had the VBAC I hope for! Thanks to the yoga which helped me mentally and physically prepare."

    Julia D.

    "Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! Your class was exactly what I needed! I'm hooked!"

    Maggie F.

    I wanted to thank you ladies for your help and guidance! The breathing and visualizations you ladies helped instill allowed me to have the natural birth I wanted. Thank you so much!

    Crystal C.

    Find Us:

    Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

    Classes held at Motion Tulsa

    6513 E 46th St

    Tulsa, OK

    Ready To Get Started?

    Get More Info About Our Classes, plus See our Current Schedule and Pricing: