Prenatal Yoga is Helping Women Everywhere Have Happier, Healthier Births

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga is specifically designed to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy, prepare your body for the work of labor, and offer you the tools to break the cycle of fear and tension that many women experience during childbirth.

First, A Note From Our Instructor:

Hello! My name is Lisa Pierce, and I'm the woman behind Tulsa Prenatal Yoga. I want to share with you one of the most beneficial things I did during my pregnancies. It helped me overcome my fear of childbirth and gave me the physical, mental, and emotional strength I needed to have the kind of birth experience every women wants - A happy, healthy one! I wish every woman understood just how helpful a tool it can be.

The "secret" is Prenatal Yoga, and I want you to experience its power.

We teach safe, accessible yoga postures to prepare your body for the work of labor and ease the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy. We share how to use your breath to steady your mind and calm your body - a really great skill to have when facing an event as powerful as childbirth! We create a supportive, loving community of mothers with whom you can share your journey. Really, our classes are the perfect exercise for pregnant women because we address the WHOLE mother - body, mind, and soul.

And please, don’t just take my word for it. Ask your prenatal care provider how crucial it is to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for childbirth!

We’d love to have you in class. Join us this week!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any prior yoga experience and/or I’m not athletic or flexible. Can I do this class?

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YES! This class is designed for women of ALL abilities. I refer to it as “gently challenging”. Unless you’ve been told by your care provider to avoid physical activity, this class is perfect for you, I promise!

How do I join class? 

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Drop ins are always welcome! No appointment necessary. Just show up about 10 minutes prior to class to fill out the registration form and get settled. I will walk you through the set up so no worries if you're new to yoga and have no clue what to expect! Everyone is friendly and supportive!

If you have a yoga mat, Great! If not, we have mats for our ladies to use free of charge. You might want to bring  water so that you can stay hydrated, but other than that, you just need to bring yourself...and soon!

At what point in my pregnancy should I begin practicing yoga?

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The earlier the better, but it’s also never too late to start. No matter if you’re in your fourth week or your fortieth, TODAY is the best day to start your practice.

P.S. Most people who have never done any yoga before are understandably nervous before their first class. We know that, but remember that everyone has to start somewhere. All our students were new once. Even the teacher took her first class at some point! If you wait for nerves to subside, you may be waiting forever. Just come to class and see for yourself how supportive and friendly everyone is. Our classes are a no judgement zone.

I’m having a homebirth/hospital birth/planned c-section. Is this class right for me?

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Very much so. We support your right to choose the birth that is best for you. You will never be shamed for your choices or pressured to do something you don’t want to do. We offer a supportive, loving environment where each woman can develop the yoga practice that best suits her unique needs.

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"I attribute yoga as the sole reason that I felt good during my entire pregnancy and had a recovery that left the nurses and doctors bewildered (in a good way). Thanks Lisa!"

- Katie S.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me make his birth an amazing experience. I managed to labor at home through the majority of my contractions. We headed to the hospital and I delivered an hour and a half later. I know there is no way I could have done that without all of the breathing practice we did in pre natal yoga. I really believe it was key to helping me meet my goals for a natural, unmedicated birth. Thank you!!!!"

- S. Edwards

"You totally rock, Lisa! I just referred someone to you and highly recommend that she come to class."

- Christina H.

"I successfully had the VBAC I hope for! Thanks to the yoga which helped me mentally and physically prepare."

- Julia D.