Prenatal Yoga is Helping Women Everywhere Have Happier, Healthier Pregnancies

First, A Note From Our Instructor:

Hello! My name is Lisa Pierce, and I'm the woman behind Tulsa Prenatal Yoga. I am a certified instructor with specific training in pre/postnatal yoga.

What if I told you there was something you could do to ease the discomforts of pregnancy, prepare your body for the work of labor, teach you how to overcome fear and stress during childbirth, AND optimize your body's natural healing postpartum? What if this thing had the added benefit of feeling great and being fun? What if you could do this thing in community with other moms-to-be?

You'd say, "SIGN ME UP!", right?! Well, guess what...there IS something that has all that to offer!

The "secret" is Prenatal Yoga, and it is my passion to share it with other moms!

In our classes, we teach safe, accessible yoga postures to prepare your body for the work of labor and ease the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy. We'll show you how to use your breath to steady your mind and calm your body--a really great skill to have when facing an event as powerful as childbirth! We create a supportive, loving community of mothers with whom you can share your journey.

Really, our classes are the perfect exercise for pregnant women because we address the WHOLE mother - body, mind, and soul.

And please, don’t just take my word for it. Ask your prenatal care provider how crucial it is to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for childbirth!

We’d love to have you in class. Join us this week!

Why Choose Tulsa Prenatal Yoga?

  • Three Classes Per Week - Evening and weekend class times!
  • Experienced, Knowledgeable Instruction - Lisa has been teaching yoga to moms since 2011, and has two children of her own
  • A Thriving Community of Supportive Moms
  • Evidence Based Exercise - We will never try to teach you fluff. Only tried and true exercise science!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any prior yoga experience and/or I’m not athletic or flexible. Can I do this class?

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Yes. This class is designed for women of all abilities. I refer to it as gently challenging. Unless you’ve been told by your care provider to avoid physical activity, this class is perfect for you, I promise. Women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have benefited from our classes. I promise you will not be the first overweight/inflexible/older/whatever momma to join our classes.

How do I join class? 

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Drop ins are always welcome. No appointment necessary. Just show up about 10 minutes prior to class to fill out the registration form and get settled. I will walk you through the set up so no worries if you're new to yoga and have no clue what to expect. Everyone is friendly and supportive.

Is it safe? 

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The yoga we offer is safe and beneficial for virtually all healthy pregnant women. In over five years of teaching hundreds of clients, I have never had an injury in class, a preterm labor, or any pregnancy complication brought on by yoga. However, because each pregnancy is unique, I strongly recommend chatting with your doctor or midwife about physical activity before joining class.

Rest assured that doctors and midwives recommend our classes frequently. The safety and benefits of prenatal yoga with a qualified teacher are well documented. I'm confident that your care provider will be thrilled you've chosen prenatal yoga to keep fit during pregnancy.

At what point in my pregnancy should I begin practicing yoga?

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The earlier the better, but it’s also never too late to start. No matter if you’re in your fourth week or your fortieth, TODAY is the best day to start your practice.


I’m having a homebirth/hospital birth/planned c-section. Is this class right for me?

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Very much so. Our classes are expertly designed to address a wide range of needs. You will benefit from our classes no matter what your birth plans are.

Additionally, we strongly believe that you and your care provider know best what is right for you. You will never be shamed for your choices or pressured to do something you don’t want to do. We are here to support you, not push our own agenda.

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"I attribute yoga as the sole reason that I felt good during my entire pregnancy and had a recovery that left the nurses and doctors bewildered (in a good way). Thanks Lisa!"

- Katie S.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me make his birth an amazing experience. I managed to labor at home through the majority of my contractions. We headed to the hospital and I delivered an hour and a half later. I know there is no way I could have done that without all of the breathing practice we did in pre natal yoga. I really believe it was key to helping me meet my goals for a natural, unmedicated birth. Thank you!!!!"

- S. Edwards

"You totally rock, Lisa! I just referred someone to you and highly recommend that she come to class."

- Christina H.

"I successfully had the VBAC I hope for! Thanks to the yoga which helped me mentally and physically prepare."

- Julia D.

"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! Your class was exactly what I needed! I'm hooked!"

- Maggie F.