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Babywearing Yoga


Babywearing yoga is a fun, nourishing class where moms can connect with each other, enjoy their babies, and fill their self-care cups. You’ll wear your baby as you move through nurturing, accessible yoga postures designed to help you thrive as a new mom. Yoga and babywearing are a natural fit, and together they can help mom and baby develop a lifelong love of mindful movement.

Participants Can Expect To:

  • Address the common aches and pains of new motherhood
  • Gather physical, mental, and emotional tools you can integrate into daily life to support you through motherhood.
  • Build connection to and appreciation for the physical changes of motherhood.
  • Socialize with other new moms.
  • Become more in-tune with baby's physical cues
  • Self-care in a supportive, nurturing environment


Second Saturday of Every Month, 11:15am-12pm



$10, or use your TPY Class Pass


Any parent/caregiver with a babywearing infant. No yoga experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. Please keep in mind that mothers who have given birth fewer than 4 weeks prior to the start date have likely not been cleared for physical activity.


Class will be held online on Zoom, a virtual conferencing platform.

How to Join Class:

If you already have a class pass, simply log on at class time (we'll be sending out the class link via email the day before class) and we'll be there! If you do not have a class pass, please follow the purchase ticket link below to fill out our registration form and buy the class ($10). We'll send you the class link after purchase. Then, simply log on at class time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWho should attend?

    This class is open to all parents/caregivers babywearing infants. All fitness levels are welcome and no yoga experience is required. Please keep in mind that physical activity is not recommended immediately following birth, and all moms should check with their postnatal care provider before taking this or any exercise class.

  • q-iconWhat age does my child need to be?

    We do not impose specific age limits since both readiness and development vary widely. The content of the class is geared toward infants who are generally content in their carriers (emphasis on generally–we know babies get fussy!). Older babies and toddlers tend to do less well with this class format as they usually want to get down and play. However, since this is a virtual class taking place in your home, you are welcome to join class with any child. And please remember that moms with babies younger than 4-6 weeks old typically haven’t been cleared by their doctor or midwife for exercise, so keep that in mind and discuss your readiness for physical activity with your care provider before joining.

  • q-iconWhat if I'm unsure about Babywearing?

    Our instructor is proficient in babywearing and can help you with your questions and concerns. One of the biggest benefits of this class is that it will help you grow more comfortable moving with your baby.

  • q-iconWhat baby carrier should I bring?

    The best baby carrier to use is the one that you are most comfortable with, though it’s okay to feel unsure. One of the benefits of this class is that you’ll grow more confident moving with baby in tow. Sling, wrap, or soft-structured carrier–all can work!

  • q-iconWhat if my baby gets fussy during class?

    No problem at all. We are all parents, and it is expected that your baby will get fussy at least once during class. The added benefit of a virtual class is that you’ll be muted! You can also turn your video off for more privacy.

  • q-iconWhat Do I Need To Bring?

    Just you, your carrier, your baby, and whatever baby needs for an hour on the mat! This class is super accommodating to the needs of new parents and their infants. Expect no pretense or stuffiness! Just practical, fun movement.

  • q-iconCan I use my regular class pass for this series?

    Yes! If you bought a pass during pregnancy and still have classes leftover, you may use your pass to attend this class. Also, keep in mind that our regular weekly classes are a Prenatal/Postnatal mix, so you are welcome and encouraged to attend those classes as well (those are not designed for babywearing, however!).


Babywearing Yoga Instructor

Our Instructor, Beth Richmond

Beth is a registered yoga teacher with over 500 hours of certified training. She has specific training in the Prenatal/Postnatal field, and is also a Trauma-informed yoga specialist. She has two children and is passionate about nurturing families during their journeys to and through parenthood.

Find Us:

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

Located In The Private Yoga Room inside Motion Tulsa

3133 S. Harvard Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74135