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Welcome To Tulsa Prenatal Yoga's Online Studio!

All of our online classes are designed with beginners in mind, but still offer substance and challenge to even seasoned practitioners. They are safe and beneficial for virtually all healthy, pregnant women, from four to forty+ weeks, as well as postpartum women. However, we recommend speaking with your prenatal or postnatal health care provider before doing these, or any, exercise classes. While all evidence suggests that the real risk lies in avoiding physical activity, there are some very rare, yet serious, exceptions.

We are confident our classes can be an important part of your journey to and through Motherhood. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help and eager to serve you well.

How To Use These Videos:

These videos are designed to either be used all together for a full length class, by doing one on its own, or by mixing and matching the ones you want that day. For instance, you could practice each video in the order they appear on this page, or you could do the Balance video plus the Stretch video, then end with the Savasana video. Or, any other combination that appeals to you. There is literally no wrong way to do it, except for the way that doesn't work for you.

Step 1: Peruse the descriptions on each video and decide which one(s) sound right for today.

Step 2: Make note of the suggested equipment as well as the length of the video(s), and prepare.

Step 3: Hit play, and remember to stay present with how you're feeling and be wise and compassionate with yourself as you practice. You can always slow down or ramp up depending on what's truly best for the moment.

If you want ideas about how to tailor these videos for your specific needs, please reach out. Our contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Suggested Equipment:

A yoga mat, or a floor that feels grippy

Two yoga blocks or similar objects

A stool and/or chair

A thick blanket or pillow

Short Practice/Warm Up


Length: 11 mins 36 secs

This video stands alone as a short yet complete practice, but also works as a great warm up for a longer practice. It includes gentle seated stretches, some all fours movement, and a soft downward facing dog flow.

Equipment Needed: a yoga mat or another grippy surface, a yoga block or similar object, and a blanket.

Lunge Flow

Power/All Levels

Length: 5 mins 11 seconds

This video will help you build strength and stamina to support your pregnancy and train for birth. It will also build your breathing-under-pressure skills that are vital for labor. Use this video on its own for quick power boost, or in combination with other videos for a longer practice. For even more challenge, repeat this video several times before moving on.

Equipment Needed: a yoga mat or another grippy surface, two blocks or similar objects, and a blanket.


Soft-Medium/All Levels

Length: 6 mins 15 seconds

This video will help you develop balance through strength to keep you steady throughout pregnancy. Options for a gentle practice, or a strong one, are included.

Equipment Needed: a chair or similar sturdy object

Prenatal Core

Medium/All Levels

Length: 5 mins 11 seconds

This video will help work your core safely and effectively through pregnancy and postpartum. It includes a basic and vital core breathing technique, and builds on it for a complete core workout. Use this video on it's own for your daily dose of core work, or along with other videos in our online studio for a longer class.

Equipment Needed: a yoga mat or another grippy surface, and a blanket.

Deep Squat

Soft-Medium/All Levels

Length: 2 mins 28 seconds

This video will help you build hip mobility, pelvic floor strength, as well as strength through the core and back. The squat has long been hailed as the queen of prenatal yoga postures for its ability to condition our bodies for birth. To make this exercise easier, sit on a sturdy surface that is only slightly lower than an average chair (hips lower than knees is ideal). To make it harder, sit on a lower surface or omit the blocks/stool all together. Use this video as your daily squat practice, or along with other videos in our online studio for a more complete class.

Equipment Needed: Yoga blocks, a stool, or low chair.

Stretch for Tension Release

Soft/All Levels

Length: 8 mins 44 seconds

This video will help release even your most deeply held tension, from the ankles to the ears. Use this video anytime of the day, though it is particularly wonderful right before bed. It is also an effective, feel-good cool down to pair with the more intense videos in our online library.

Equipment Needed: A soft blanket

Pelvic Floor Release + Savasana

Soft/All Levels

Length: 4 mins 26 seconds

Use this video to help down train your pelvic floor so it can function to its full capacity. Our pelvic floors are only as strong as they are soft, and while contraction exercises get all the attention, relaxation exercises are just as badly needed. This is an important daily exercise, and can be done in bed just before sleep, or as a peaceful savasana (resting pose) at the end of a yoga practice.

Equipment Needed: One or two thick blankets or pillows


Lisa Pierce is the owner and lead instructor at Tulsa Prenatal Yoga, and has been teaching prenatal & postnatal yoga since 2011. She has three kids of her own, and is passionate about empowering mothers.

Beth Richmond joined the TPY team in 2017, and has quickly become a favorite. She has two children and considers it a sacred privilege to nourish expectant and new moms.

Each class in our Online Studio has been expertly designed by the TPY team, who are certified prenatal & postnatal yoga/fitness specialists and have well over a decade of combined experience working with expectant and new moms. The TPY team is passionate about evidence-based practice, and has immense respect for--and strongly believes in--the pregnant and postpartum mother. We care about you. We understand your needs. This is a program you can trust.

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