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Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

Postnatal YogaCORE

This isn’t about "getting your body back."

Your body grew and birthed a baby, and is a masterpiece exactly the way it is. You do not need to change the way your body looks. Not one bit! But, perhaps you might like to change the way it feels...

Does babywearing hurt your back? Do you slouch and feel sore while nursing? Do you leak when you sneeze, laugh, or jump? Do you feel achey or out of shape?

We can help!

Our goal is to have you feeling STRONG. Instead of peddling disempowering expectations, our Postnatal YogaCORE honors your body and the work it’s done. This series will build your strength from the inside out, enhancing your body’s natural recovery process and helping you achieve maximum vitality in your new role as mother.

Why YogaCORE?

Your core is the central player in your health and vitality, literally. If you are experiencing weakness, back pain, pelvic issues, tension, fatigue and more, dysfunction of your deepest core muscles is likely to blame. Postnatal YogaCORE will build your strength from the inside out and empower you with the knowledge and skills to maintain optimal core health for the rest of your life. We will incorporate yoga postures, breath work, mindfulness, and more to create a complete and holistic experience that will nourish your body, mind, and soul.


Series Details

What to Expect:

We will meet once a week for 6 weeks. We will start at the VERY beginning, and each class will build upon the last, expanding your knowledge, confidence, and strength every week. In addition to the workout in class, you’ll be taught simple, short, and personalized exercises to do daily at home to 1) maximize your results, 2) create a habit of daily self-care, and 3) set you on the path to lifelong core health. As busy moms, meeting once per week and fitting in quick, effective exercises at home gives you the flexibility you need while still offering the support of a group and a teacher.


We will meet Saturday mornings, 8:45-9:45am, for 6 weeks starting January 5th, 2019. Class dates: January 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, February 2nd, 9th.

Who is  this series for?

This series is for any mom who longs to feel strong after having a baby, whether it’s been 4 weeks or 4 years. If birth was recent, be sure to chat with your doctor or midwife before taking this or any exercise class. Rest assured that we will be starting slowly and working on an individualized basis. You will feel challenged but supported throughout the series.


Class will held in the Tulsa Prenatal Yoga studio located inside Motion Tulsa (3133 S Harvard Ave).

How much?

$79 December 14-31st
$99 Late Registration January 1st-6th
Deduct $5 from each price point if you are a current passholder. Aren't sure? Contact us. Please note that passes purchased for our regularly scheduled classes may not be redeemed for this series.

How to Register

Register for the series by following the link below. You'll be asked for your email then directed to a payment page where you can complete your registration. You'll receive a receipt via Paypal which serves as your proof of purchase, then shortly after you'll get a welcome email from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

    [op_question question="I'm%20X%20months%20postpartum.%20Is%20this%20class%20right%20for%20me%3F"]This%20series%20is%20designed%20for%20any%20woman%20who%20feels%20she%20needs%20core%20healing%20after%20having%20a%20baby%2C%20whether%20it's%20been%20a%20few%20weeks%20or%20a%20few%20years.%20Many%20women%20struggle%20with%20core%20dysfunction%20FOR%20THE%20REST%20OF%20THEIR%20LIVES%20after%20having%20a%20baby%2C%20and%20it%20is%20never%20too%20late%20to%20make%20progress.%20We%20will%20be%20starting%20VERY%20slowly%2C%20focusing%20more%20on%20awareness%20and%20connection%20than%20on%20blasting%20our%20abs%20with%20heavy%20hitting%20exercises.%20That%20is%20counterproductive%20and%20inappropriate%20for%20those%20dealing%20with%20dysfunction%20at%20the%20deepest%20layers.%20As%20long%20as%20you've%20been%20cleared%20by%20your%20doctor%20or%20midwife%20to%20begin%20physical%20activity--usually%20between%204%20to%208%20weeks%20post--you%20are%20ready%20for%20this%20class.[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20if%20I%20have%20no%20yoga%20or%20fitness%20experience%3F"]Then%20you're%20lucky%20to%20have%20found%20this%20class!%20This%20is%20exactly%20where%20you%20ought%20to%20begin%20your%20journey.%20We%20will%20be%20taking%20it%20slow%2C%20building%20layer%20by%20layer%20on%20an%20individual%20basis.%20Our%20skilled%20instructors%20will%20help%20you%20tailor%20the%20class%20to%20your%20needs%2C%20taking%20into%20account%20the%20full%20picture%20of%20where%20you%20are%20in%20your%20fitness%20journey%2C%20your%20personal%20circumstances%2C%20and%20your%20ultimate%20goals.[/op_question]
    [op_question question="Do%20you%20have%20mats%20to%20borrow%3F%20What%20do%20I%20need%20to%20bring%3F"]We%20have%20mats%20to%20borrow%20and%20all%20the%20equipment%20you'll%20need.%20You'll%20be%20most%20comfortable%20in%20clothes%20in%20which%20you%20can%20freely%20move%2C%20and%20please%20note%20that%20yoga%20classes%20are%20typically%20done%20barefoot.%20Socks%20are%20fine%20if%20you%20prefer%2C%20though%20they%20may%20feel%20a%20little%20slippery.%20You%20might%20like%20to%20bring%20a%20bottle%20of%20water%2C%20but%20we%20have%20those%20as%20well%20if%20you%20forget.[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20if%20I%20miss%20a%20class%3F"]The%20series%20will%20be%20progressing%20each%20week%2C%20but%20if%20you%20miss%20a%20class%2C%20we%20will%20gladly%20get%20you%20up%20to%20speed%20when%20you%20return.%20Since%20you%20will%20be%20given%20short%20and%20simple%20exercises%20to%20do%20at%20home%20in%20between%20classes%2C%20you'll%20still%20be%20working%20towards%20your%20goal%20even%20if%20you%20miss%20a%20class.[/op_question] [op_question question="I%20have%20classes%20leftover%20on%20my%20package.%20Can%20I%20use%20them%20for%20this%20class%3F"]Regular%20class%20passes%20cannot%20be%20used%20for%20this%20series%2C%20but%20remember%20that%20all%20passholders%20get%20a%20discount%20on%20this%20and%20all%20special%20events%2C%20and%20your%20pass%20doesn't%20expire%20for%20a%20full%2012%20months%20so%20you%20can%20join%20in%20our%20regular%20pre%2Fpostnatal%20classes%20whenever%20you%20like%20in%20that%20period.[/op_question]

Postnatal YogaCORE Instructors

Head Instructor, Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce is the owner and lead instructor of Tulsa Prenatal Yoga. She's been teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga since 2011, and is a Prenatal Specialist and Certified Yoga Instructor. Lisa has three kids, and is a postpartum mom herself. It is her passion to empower moms!

Assistant Instructor, Beth Richmond

Beth Richmond is a mother of two. She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and also a Trauma-Informed Yoga Specialist. She joined the TPY team in 2017, and has quickly become a favorite! She is passionate about nurturing moms through this precious time in their lives.

Want a Space in the Series?

Pre-Registration is Required and Space is Limited. Register ASAP!

Find Us:

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

Located In The Private Yoga Room inside Motion Tulsa

3133 S. Harvard Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74135