Most postpartum fitness classes market themselves as being able to help you lose weight, shrink your tummy, or fit into your pre-baby clothes. But, we don’t market our classes that way. We simply don’t subscribe to the idea that pre-baby bodies are superior to post-baby ones. While we know that moms deal with very real physical issues after the incredible feat of growing, birthing, and nurturing a baby—and women need and deserve to heal their bodies after birth—we enthusiastically believe that placing the focus on helping you feel strong and capable, not on the scale or your waist size, is what makes for a wellness-centered, truly supportive postpartum class.

“Yeah yeah yeah”, you say, “all that sounds great, but will your class help me lose weight and shrink my tummy anyway”?

And we get it! Every mom feels that way sometimes, and you’re not wrong for longing for it.

For some, the desire to get their old body back is as practical as not wanting to buy a whole new wardrobe. For others, it’s a deep emotional need to feel at home in their body. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are incredibly disruptive and disorienting, and many new moms desperately want to recognize themselves again. The experience of feeling like your body is foreign, less than, or even destroyed, is common and valid. And, in a sense, painfully accurate! We do not ever want to minimize the physical trauma that some moms experience as a result of growing and birthing a baby.  Wanting to feel whole again, more like the version of yourself you remember before baby, is something all moms go through, and there is nothing wrong with you for feeling this way.

Perhaps even more powerful is the value our culture puts on “bouncing back” after baby. No matter how unattainable or unhealthy it may be, that messaging is everywhere. You can’t open a magazine, scroll through instagram, or even have a conversation with other new moms without the topic coming up one way or another. In our culture we strongly associate happiness, health, fitness, even respect and love, with thin, youthful bodies untouched by the grittiness of real life. You are not wrong for feeling that pressure. Who wouldn’t?

But we believe our job is to help you navigate this minefield of postpartum experiences without reinforcing it with messaging that focuses on changing how your body looks. In fact, we believe a focus on weight and size can exacerbate and perpetuate feelings of brokenness and disconnection, especially if our bodies don’t heal, shrink, or firm up like we hoped, as if often the case. There is nothing more defeating than feeling like a failure, and we are in the business of empowering mothers, not reinforcing what undermines their chances of feelings good in their bodies.

You body may change as you begin to exercise postpartum. It may shrink or tone. But, it may not. We are neutral about that either way. As we said, changing the physical appearance of your body is not our goal. What we really want is for you to function better in your daily life. We want to support your road to recovery with pelvic floor strengthening and relaxation exercises. We want you to enjoy running around with your little ones, jumping on the trampoline, or laughing hysterically at their silly antics, not worrying about pelvic pain and leaking. We want you to feel capable of all the holding and carrying that’s required in those early years of parenting without feeling sore and exhausted. We want you to experience the endorphin rush of a good movement session. We want you to enjoy all the well-known benefits of physical activity without being bogged down by pain or expectation. We want your cups to be as full as they can be, and if you’re reading this, you probably understand that moving your body is an important part of that.

That is what inspires us. Not to shrink you or hearken back to a life and a body that no longer exist.

We aim to move you forward and help you thrive in your new life. 

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