What sort of exercises do we do in Postpartum Yoga?

Our postpartum yoga classes focus heavily on reconnecting to the core muscles, but we will also incorporate functional exercises for the whole body. Our postpartum classes use yoga as a base, but weave in other modalities as appropriate. For instance, we will often use small weights or resistance bands as we progress through the classes.

How soon after baby is too soon?

This is not your typical exercise class, so generally speaking, moms are ready a little sooner for this class than they would be for regular exercise. We recommend that participants are no longer bleeding, feel that any incisions or tears are healing well, and perhaps most importantly, feel mentally ready to do some light movement. If you’re unsure, please speak with your doctor or midwife.

How long after baby is too long?

Never! Once postpartum, always postpartum. If you had a baby months or even years ago, and are still feeling the physical affects of pregnancy and birth, or just want to build a better relationship with your core, this class is exactly where you need to be.

Does this class take the place of postpartum physical therapy?

No. Unlike a physical therapist, we do not diagnose your symptoms nor will we prescribe a treatment plan. If you are currently doing pelvic health physical therapy, this class can be a wonderful supplement, assuming you and your PT agree the exercises are appropriate for your condition (Most likely they are! Our team has trained extensively with pelvic health professionals and has developed the curriculum accordingly). If you are not currently doing postpartum physical therapy, this class can help you decide if your needs would be better addressed with a pelvic health physical therapist.

How is postpartum fitness different than postpartum physical therapy?

First and foremost, fitness professionals are not medical professionals and do not diagnose symptoms or prescribe treatment plans. We do not do exams. We develop classes that are supportive of general postpartum needs and use exercise to enhance the body’s natural healing process. As postnatal fitness specialists, we are knowledgable about pelvic and core health and how to use exercise to nurture, and not impede, postpartum healing.

I’m experiencing pelvic pain and/or having symptoms such as leaking, heaviness, or bulging. Can I take this class?

Yes. We want you to feel confident moving your body as it is now. While we do not prescribe treatment plans for specific issues, our classes are designed to nurture pelvic health. We believe our classes can help you feel more comfortable and may reduce the frequency and/or severity of your symptoms.

I think I have diastasis recti. Will this class help?

We do not diagnosis DR, but can teach you tools for assessing what movements are appropriate and helpful. This class will help you strengthen your core and restore function so that your DR can better heal. We also cover basic DR education so you better understand your symptoms.

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