Prenatal Yoga in Tulsa

Train your body and mind for birth with classes that are expertly designed to help you stay comfortable in pregnancy, have a happy, healthy delivery, and recover more quickly & completely postpartum. 

Prenatal Yoga Classes in Tulsa

Train your body and mind for birth with classes that are expertly designed to help you stay comfortable in pregnancy, have a happy, healthy delivery, and recover more quickly & completely postpartum. 

A More Comfortable Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga can help lessen the likelihood and lower the severity of nearly all the most common discomforts of pregnancy. From achey backs, to sore feet, to stress, anxiety and so much more, holistic exercise like we offer, taught by our experienced, caring instructors in a supportive environment can make all the difference between a miserable pregnancy and a happy one. 

A Happier, Healthier Birth

Whether natural, medicated, cesarean, home, hospital or anything in between, our goal is to strengthen and prepare you for your unique experience. Our yoga classes can help by conditioning your core and pelvic floor, building stamina for the marathon of birth, training your breath to work through contractions, and so much more. Our classes are an invaluable part of your birth plan.

A Quicker, More Complete Recovery

The more you move IN pregnancy, the better you'll move AFTER pregnancy, and the kind of movement you do can matter. Our prenatal yoga classes are expertly designed to help your core and pelvic floor heal more efficiently, and get you up and moving safely and comfortably in the days and weeks following your delivery. You'll have a newborn to care for, so preparing your body to heal well makes a real difference in your postpartum experience. 

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga's classes help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, a happier, healthier birth, and a more complete recovery postpartum. 

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Welcome to Tulsa Prenatal Yoga! 

We have been serving expectant and postpartum women in the Tulsa community since we opened our doors in 2014. Our mission is to help empower parents-to-be with the nourishment and support they need to navigate this special time in their lives. 

We believe Tulsa Prenatal Yoga's classes are the perfect exercise for pregnancy and postpartum because we address the WHOLE mother--body, mind, and soul. 

Please, don’t just take our word for it. Ask your doctor or midwife how crucial it is to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for birth and beyond.

Join us for class and see the benefits for yourself! Use the links on this page for details on class times, pricing, and booking information. 

Meet Your Instructors 

Lisa Pierce is the owner and lead instructor of Tulsa Prenatal Yoga and has been teaching prenatal & postnatal yoga and exercise since 2011. Beth Richmond is our co-lead instructor and has been with us since 2017. We are both certified prenatal & postnatal yoga and fitness specialists and have taught hundreds of happy clients right here in Tulsa. We look forward to having you in class!

Taking care of yourself in pregnancy is one of the most important investments you'll EVER make. Tulsa Prenatal Yoga's classes are the perfect holistic exercise for pregnancy & beyond

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll ASAP


We offer weekly prenatal + postnatal yoga classes for all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy and postpartum. We also offer special events, workshops, and more to further enrich your passage through early motherhood. 


For many of our clients, our classes are the only time they’re surrounded by other expectant and postpartum women. Support matters. 

Body & Mind

Pregnancy is turbulent time filled with highs, lows, and everything in between. Physical activity produces endorphins, helps us feel more connected to our bodies, lifts our spirits, increases our confidence, and helps our minds stay focused.

Better Recovery

Many spend the lion’s share of energy preparing for birth, and while that is incredibly important, so often moms will tell us that the real work begins AFTER baby arrives. The more you move in pregnancy, the better you’ll move afterward.  

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, programs like ours have serious health benefits: 

Improved Mental Health

Mom's mental health is paramount 

Research shows that regular participation in prenatal yoga can lessen incidences of perinatal mood disorders like Prenatal and Postpartum Depression and Anxiety 

Improved Physical Health 

Mom's physical health is vital too

Prenatal yoga classes can also help fight high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, pelvic floor disorders, diastasis recti, and more

Improved Health for baby

It's not just mom who benefits

Did you know that even your baby benefits from prenatal yoga classes? Baby is less likely to have preterm birth and lower birth weight than without exercise. When you thrive, so does baby.

Typical Prenatal Fitness Programs:

Often put together by inexperienced trainers
You're responsible for seeking out information 
Left needing more, forced to access online information that is potentially unbeneficial
No community of peers and experts to support you
Difficult to find trustworthy, quality information 

Most prenatal programs rely on outdated or fear-based information

Plus you're forced to seek out your own supplemental information and hope it's helpful which is another huge burden to carry. 

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga carries that burden for you

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

Build relationships with your local community of parents 
Take classes from caring, professional instructors who are only a text, email, or call away 
Guaranteed quality & testimonials from friends, OBs, midwives you know
We know birth in Tulsa! We can refer you to the best doulas, prenatal massage therapists, childbirth education classes, lactation consultants and more. 

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga is truly built for you

Clients come to us for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and more pregnancies. We're partners on your journey!

What do Actual Tulsa Prenatal Yoga Members Say?

Katie S.

"I attribute yoga as the sole reason that I felt good during my entire pregnancy and had a recovery that left the nurses and doctors bewildered (in a good way). Thanks Lisa!"

Julia D.

"I successfully had the VBAC I hope for! Thanks to the yoga which helped me mentally and physically prepare."

S. Edwards

"I wanted to thank you for helping me make his birth an amazing experience. I managed to labor at home through the majority of my contractions. We headed to the hospital and I delivered an hour and a half later. I know there is no way I could have done that without all of the breathing practice we did in pre natal yoga. I really believe it was key to helping me meet my goals for a natural, unmedicated birth. Thank you!!!!"

Crystal C.

I wanted to thank you ladies for your help and guidance! The breathing and visualizations you ladies helped instill allowed me to have the natural birth I wanted. Thank you so much

You'll be so glad you invested in yourself in pregnancy!

Schedule your first visit today

Don't have any regrets! Baby will be here before you know it, and you'll be SO glad you prepared. Tulsa Prenatal Yoga's classes make it easy and enjoyable! 

Limited Class Spaces - Enroll ASAP

Tulsa Prenatal Yoga

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