Do We Promote Natural Birth?

First and foremost, labor and delivery is far outside our scope of practice as prenatal/postnatal yoga & fitness professionals. We are not medical professionals. While we do have some childbirth education and labor support training, that does not make us experts in your needs. Decisions regarding your labor & delivery are best left to you and your chosen team of providers.  

But with that important caveat out of the way, we know you are curious about our personal beliefs and underlying philosophy. After all, there’s definitely a stereotype that birth workers and yoga people favor natural birth. So where do we stand?

(By the way, there’s not one, singular definition of natural childbirth. Some take it to mean minimal or non-pharmacological induction & augmentation, non-pharmacological pain relief, and/or vaginal delivery, but you may define it differently. That’s okay!)

We cannot overstate how much we trust you and your providers to know what is best. We never insert ourselves into those deeply personal and sensitive decisions, and never use our classes as a pulpit for any ideology. Natural birth is not our goal for you. We don’t place it on a pedestal; we view it as one among many equally good, valid, important options. Our mission is simple—to promote the well-being of mothers—and that only works if we unequivocally affirm and serve all birth experiences, from homebirths to elective cesareans. It is incredibly important to us that we never alienate anyone based on their needs and wishes regarding childbirth, and we intentionally build our classes to benefit a wide variety of experiences.

Want an epidural right away? YASS QUEEN!

Want to catch your own baby at home in your tub? GET IT MAMA

Scheduled your c-section at your first prenatal? ROCKSTAR

That said, we know that many of our clients are interested in having a natural birth, and are curious if we’re a good resource in helping them achieve that. If you desire a natural experience, prenatal fitness, and yoga in particular, can make a big difference in your preparedness. Our classes will build your endurance and stamina which will help you make it through what is sometimes a day(s) long expenditure of energy. We train your breathing so you can get through those tough contractions. We strengthen & mobilize your body so you can hold a variety of labor positions to help baby work her/himself down. We condition your core and pelvic floor to better make way for baby and withstand the pressure of vaginal birth.

In this way, we absolutely promote natural birth, and are a key resource in helping you achieve that goal. We frequently get feedback that our classes were critical in helping clients get through moments in labor when they felt like giving up, and that they were ultimately able to have the natural experience they hoped for by leaning on our training. 

But remember, regardless of your goals and ultimate outcome, we are here to encourage and support you through this incredible time in life. We don’t design our classes with natural birth as the ultimate goal. We take into account the wide breadth of possible experiences and cater to them as equally as possible. Everything we do in class will benefit you regardless of how you birth your baby, from helping you have a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy to a quicker and fuller recovery postpartum (which is especially helpful in the event of surgical birth! Read More About How We Serve Cesarean Moms

We really mean it when we say we have no agenda other than building you up. If natural birth is part of your chosen experience, we believe in and are here for you! We are definitely your partner in helping you achieve that. If you’ve no interest in “natural” birth, know that our classes are lovingly designed for your needs as much as anyone else’s. We don’t view your choices as less-than. We know you’re doing the best thing for you and your baby.

We root for you no matter what.