Prenatal Yoga has many benefits, including helping you have a comfortable pregnancy and more complete recovery, but did you know it is also a wonderful way to help prepare for labor and delivery?


Building awareness of breathing patterns and learning skills for more efficient, effective breathing is one of the most beneficial things we do in class. We take a few minutes at the start of every class to feel our breath and notice how our body responds to it. Then, as we move through class, we use our breath to stay physically calm and mentally focused even through the challenging exercises that we do. We learn how our breath and fight & flight response are linked, and how to make small changes to your breath to have maximum impact so you can stay calm and collected no matter what you’re facing, even birth.


In birth, babies need us to move our bodies to help them find their way through the pelvis. Birthing babies especially love lunges, squats, and similar deep hip movements that can be demanding on our bodies if we haven’t spent time training. In our prenatal yoga classes, we focus intently on educating our clients about how their bodies move, building strength and range of motion throughout key areas in the body, and giving moms the tools they need to navigate the physical component of labor. You’ll be glad you prepared with our classes!

Strength & Stamina:

Giving birth is hard work. Building strength and stamina in pregnancy will go a long way in helping you through those tough moments in birth when it feels like you can’t go on. Our classes can give you the physical stamina and mental determination you need to overcome those overwhelming moments. We literally train you for birth just as a runner would train for a marathon. You *can* do it, and we can help! 

Support and Encouragement:

Birth is as mental as it is physical, and we seek to encourage our clients to know that they are strong, healthy, powerful givers of life. We don’t fear-monger, judge, or preach. We believe you need someone who simply holds space for your journey, and that’s what we aim to do. Plus, our classes are one of the only places you’ll be surrounded by others going through pregnancy, and that sense of togetherness can be invaluable!

Pelvic Floor Training:

One of the biggest fears around pregnancy and childbirth is the impact on our pelvic floors. We worry about tearing, “stretching out”, and forever peeing when we sneeze, cough, or jump. Preparing our pelvic floors through strengthening and relaxing exercises like the ones we do in class can go a long way in preventing and lessening those issues. We also empower and educate our clients about pelvic floor health so they can feel confident about this all-too-often neglected area of the body. 

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